About Sri Sankara Silpa Sala

Sri Sankara Silpa Sala specialises in stone sculpting. It has establishments in multiple locations. The bigger establishment at Hoskote, near Bangalore employs more than 300 shilpis, making it one of the biggest establishments in the country. A similar establishments are in at Orirukurai, Kencheepuram where another 150 Shilpis are working. In addition, there are about 150 Shilpis erecting and completing various temples at different locations all over the world. Sri Sankara Silpa Sala has in its earlier projects employed more than 1200 shiplis in a single project and hence is very resourceful in arranging required number of shilpis to undertake any big scheme. Sri Sankara Silpa Sala offers the services of experienced traditional Stapathis whose expertise is in the design of temples as per Shilpa Shashtra. The institute can undertake large volumes of stone work at one place. This is augmented by well trained and dedicated shilpis who have been with the institute for generations carrying the special skills, to complete any challenging design, preparation and erection work on time.


Padmasri SM Ganapathy Stapathy

Born to Smt. Gowri and Shri. Muthu Stapathi on 26th April 1931 in Eluvankottai, Ramnad District, Near Rameshwaram, Tamilnadu Shri S.M. Ganapathi Stapathi hails from a very tradtional family of Stapathis. Who were traditional Stapathis from their fore fathers time, Shri S M Ganapathi Stapathi shared his childhood with three brothers and two sisters.

Shri Shilpakala Bhusanam G. Shankara Stapathi

Sri Sankara Stapathi after his initial training and experience, has mastered the use of latest software in design and drafting in using them for design of temple architecture. This has made tremendous impact and he can now generate full scale drawings with in no time, which used to take some days to finish. Sri Sankara Silpa Sala has a very big establishment at Hoskote, near Bangalore where Sri Sankara Stapathi has done improvements in sculpting by using latest technology and machinery, hand tools to complete the projects entrusted to them at the earliest.

Shri G. Jayandran Stapathi

Jayendra Stapathy is spearheading the activities of sculpting intricate idols at Kancheepuram & is looking after all works in USA & Canada.

Key Person

  • Mr. NG Subramanya Babu

    Chief Executive with a Masters Degree & more than 20 yrs experience in managing large Projects, overseas all Large Projects with latest monitoring tools to ensure timely completion & best service to Clients.